…She flies over and out the paper boundaries, of thick and everlasting whiteness; merges and melts forms, spread hues in overlaying coats of unending depth, breaks the inks evenness scratching and tearing the surfaces, coins relieves in exclusive monotypes or pluralize her aesthetic concept in slight printed variations. Caught among the essences of two highly spiritualised worlds, travels continuously from the large opaque shadowed hell to a paradise of naive simplicity, diaphanous and transparent.

Gerardo Fontanes Pérez
Painter and Art Counsellor.
Akros Gallery
Bilbao, Spain

...using quite unique artistic tools Zara encoded the religious into aesthetics, tried to open up the link between cultures, between past and present. Taking into consideration art-aesthetic universal forms, her own intuition of the sacral, she created symbol art, which is capable of taking the imagination and mind out of semantic labyrinth to the spiritual depth.

Vardan Jaloyan
Art Critic
Art Gallery
Yerevan, Armenia

In the world of the Dutch painter De Kooning, the work of Zara Manucharian offers us
“gusts of sensation”. They are close to an aesthetic of the unconscious, and their forms seem to plunge into deep torments, they are a sort of energy paining, an exuberant play of colors. Despite the complexity of this choice of tones, the artist preserves a geometrical “framework” which does not overshadow color, as color describes its own forms.
But the dialogue between form and color avoids any excessive fascination with unbridled fragmentation.

Alain Navarra de Borga
Historien de l’Art
“BEL-AIR FINE ART” galerie
Geneve, Switzerland

I came to know Zara Manuicharyan's works first when I got a collection of her pictures - monotypes, graphics and paintings which I decided to exhibit in my gallery of Puerto de Andratx in Mallorca.
Her works attracted my attention with a wonderful purity and grandeur of composition, with her style of disclosing the theme with the help of figure images.
During the exhibition all the art lovers made comparison with the masters of the Italian Renaissance. Her "Angel's love" or "Dream in the boat" remind me surprisingly of the masters I love most. I think Zara's great talent found its best expression in her large-size monotypes.

Ulrich Goette Himmelblau
Art-Domain.com Gallery
The owner, art critic
Puerto de Andratx

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