Harmonious coexistence of individuals can create human unity which carries in itself constructive power. In the same environment, at the same time around creating individuals unpredictably and surely spring up micro medium with its joint energy as the result of individual impulses. Every individual, becoming a particle of the unity, retains at the same time his subjective individuality.


There is an ancient tradition in Armenia coming from the hoary past. Coming
out a church people think of a wish and want to leave apart of themselves in the holy place. They tie a piece of cloth or a handkerchief to a tree growing in the yard asking God to fulfill their wish.  


Any manifestation of life from beginning to its natural end is microcosm which is submitted to macrocosm. You can change nothing in the laws of the Universe. You need only to comprehend and find your correct place in time and space Generation of life, its "Beginning" and "End"- everything in the Universe is submitted to this movement. On Turn and everything coming to its end goes on to a new Cycle of a global spiral. Existence repeats itself in its flow but will our life be the same on the new Cycle?! A new clean canvas and globe - this is a place of human activity, where he is born again and again wish a new body and soul getting himself, his nationality, religion and God.


Our civilization develops rapidly, bringing with it synthetic materials, synthetic relations, synthetic life, in which we are living. The human being starts to live in some virtual reality and loses his ties with nature. The man becomes lonely in his synthetic, virtual, closed world, he starts speaking with machine and is satisfied working with computers. He doesn’t notice how completely isolated he is from other humans and loses his emotions, feelings.
Even love becomes virtual. But man really is a part of the nature, life, in the universe circle. Man can’t exists out of the universe.

He is a small unit in the Space chain, but very vital unit. Man loses his ties with his past, and without the past there is no present, neither future. If this unit falls out the space harmony will collapse. The comfort he gets in this synthetic world is at the expense of human, natural ties and feelings. The man should use advantages of the civilization for the benefit of natural harmony. The synthetic world should not substitute the real world. Don’t dissolved in the synthetic world.

Installation "Woman"
Performance "Virtual Reality"


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