The white canvas is not at all a flat surface but a multi-dimensional space where everything becomes possible: even things which are incomprehensible for three-dimensional world.
The number of dimensions is not significant since it limits the movement of the matter but not the spirit.

I am painting the movement of spirit above space and time: a kind of state, essence…
I am painting the world in which I want to find myself.
My symbols are my philosophy: they deliver encoded messages and positive energy.

My creation is unconscious state, alienation from the reality: this is my tie with the Space where I seek my dreams, my own reality and harmony.


Solo Exhibitions:
2016   Solo Exhibition, “Modern Art Museum of Yerevan”, Armenia
2015   Solo Exhibition, “The Club” and gallery of American University of Armenia
2012   Solo Exhibition, Galeria Mall, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2011   Solo Exhibition, Hilton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007 Solo Exhibition "Art-Gallery", Yerevan, Armenia
2004 Solo Exhibition, "Academy" Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2002 Solo Exhibition, Tumanyan Museum, Yerevan, Armenia
2017 ArtExpo ’’ Eraz factory’’, Yerevan, Armenia
2017   Exhibition in American Embassy, Yerevan, Armenia
2013   Exhibition in Bulgarian Pavilion at Innsbruck Art Fair, Austria
2011 Exhibition  State National Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2009 Exhibition Bruun-Rasmussen Auction, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 Exhibition "Sant-Hubert" gallery, Lyons, France
2006 Exhibition "Ararat" gallery, Embassy of Armenia, Moscow, Russia
2005 Exhibition "Premio Acqui", 7th International Biennale of Engraving, Italy
2005 Exhibition at United Nations hall, Yerevan, Armenia.
2005 Exhibition "Bel-Air Fine Art" Gallery, Geneve, Switherland
2004 "The First International Visual Art Expo - Art Caucasus 2004", Tbilisi , Georgia
2004 Exhibition at Weefhuis Gallery, Nederland
2003 Exhibition at Art-domain Gallery, Mallorca, Spain
2001 International Symposium "Art, Time, Space", Yerevan, Armenia,
Organizer and  Art Director
2000 Expo-2000 (Hannover, Germany), artistic guide at Armenian Pavilion
1999 Performance "Cycle", Yerevan, Armenia, Organizer and Art Director
1999 Film based on the action "Tree of Wish", Producer
1998 Action "Tree of Wish", Gyumri, Armenia in the range of the First International Gyumri Bienale, Organizer and Art Director
1998 Exhibition of female artists "Categories and Contradictions", Yerevan, Armenia
1998 Conceptual Exhibition "Text", Yerevan, Armenia
1997 Action "Expedition 101", Gyumri, Armenia
1997 Performance "The Crossroad" team-work with German women artists, Yerevan, Armenia
1997 Action "Individuality and Unity", Yerevan, Armenia, Organizer and Art Director held with German “Kobalt” Union Members
1997 Film based on the action "Individuality and Unity", Producer
1996 Workshop "Sovereignty", Apt, France
1995 Workshop "Restoration of Monuments", Berlin, Germany

She has a private studio. Some of her works are now in private collections in Armenia and abroad.

Studied at:

Art management, marketing and fundraising, Diploma. Salzburg, Austria
1989-1995 Yerevan State Fine Arts Academy, Qualification: Artist, Diploma
1981-1985 Art school after H. Kojoyan, Yerevan, Armenia
Member of:
2005  International Association of Art (UNESCO), Paris, France
1998 Artists Union of the Republic of Armenia
1998 Union "Kobalt" Yerevan, Armenia. Vice-President
1995 "Kobalt" FRAUEN-KUNST-und-MEDIEN e.V. Humburg, Germany


"Zara Manucharyan", personal catalog, Armenia, 2016  

"ArtFair Innsbruck", Austria, 2013

"ACBU  Bulgaria annual catalog",  Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012
"Nouvelles d' Armenie", Paris, France, 2011
"Mounth of Armenian Art and Culture", Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011
"Road to Bodhisattva", Yerevan, Armenia, 2007
"Premio Acqui", 7th International Biennial of Engraving, Italy, 2005
"Creative Synthesis" , Yerevan , Armenia, 2005
"At The Crossroad of Civilizations”, Geneve , Switherland, 2005
"Zara Manucharyan", personal works, Yerevan, Armenia, 2004
“The First International Visual Art Expo - Art Caucasus 2004”, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2004
“Graphics – Sculpture 2004” , Artist's Union of Armenia, Yerevan , Armenia, 2004
“Armenian Graphics”, Artist's Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia, 2003.
“The Young Armenian Artist's Modern Art”, Artist's Union of Armenia, Armenia, 2003
“Armenian Women's Art”, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Armenia, 2002


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